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The Power of Customer Research

5 Reasons I love the power of the Voice of Customer Research

Who doesn’t love a feeling of power if used in the right way?

And believe me, the power behind the voice of customer research is MIGHTY.

I’m enthralled.

Let’s jump right in and I’ll tell you how you can use it to come up with the right message to connect and engage with your ideal clients.

1. No more guesswork

How many customer avatars have you worked through in order to come up with your Ideal Client?

Quite a few or maybe you have abandoned them cos you know, deep down, guesswork doesn’t cut it.

You’re right, it doesn’t.

Sure enough, the demographics of creating a customer avatar are useful but not why your audience will turn into your ideal client and buy from you.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, you find out your ideal client’s why – and when you know that you can create your services/products, website copy and content with intention… to make a maximum impact, rather than the guesswork.

Fact:  I don’t like creating blue-eyed, blonde-haired customer avatars, called shy Sandra that can’t tell it to me like it is…because they are a work of fiction.

2. Building connections with solid foundations.

We all know that to run a profitable business with loyal followers, you need to create and nurture connections.

You wouldn’t just go into a bar and start selling without getting to know people, chatting, identifying mutual topics of conversation, finding out one anothers likes and dislikes, shared common values etc..

The Voice of Customer Research is a fantastic way to find this out with the right sort of questions.

One of the questions I start off with is, ‘How do you like to start your day?’  

Another is, what Netflix series are you watching right now?

It could be any kind of open-ended question that allows for the person taking the survey to elaborate on their life and routine.

This means you can use this information as a topic of conversation in your content marketing – another stepping stone in building a long-lasting, loyal following.

3. The Voice of Customer Research can be done on a budget.

I don’t know of any small businesses that have the kind of budget to spend on hiring Marketing Research companies.

It is a fundamental part of my copywriting process because it is SO important in shaping the copy – but I can tell you, you get a whole lot of value for what I charge – face to face interviews, email surveys and review mining (trawling through competitor testimonials, social media, online forums such as Quora.  Then I do the analysis and you get a super-duper Brand Messaging workbook with all your key content marketing messages and much more)

But, you can do this yourself simply by putting together your questions in something like google forms, emailing out to a survey group and perhaps choosing 2 or 3 past or present customers for face to face interviewing.

And, if you haven’t worked with many or even any clients so far – use the review mining process I mentioned earlier.

4. Speaking the language of your ideal client = maximum impact!

We have already established that this whole thing is about finding the right message and coming up with the right words to attract your ideal client.

We’re not going to do that if we’re not making the effort to speak in words or tone that doesn’t move them.

We’ve established it’s important to find out how we can connect with topics of conversation.

Now, it’s on to the power of knowing what’s going on inside their heads.

We have to know this – it’s that simple

You see, your service or product has a job to do.

And we want to know why people are ‘hiring’ your product or service – to solve what?

Back to the all-important why.

By taking the time to do the Voice Of Customer research, you are finding out what changes your ideal client is ready to make, to take them from STRUGGLE to SUCCESS and every point in between.

At what may be a difficult and stressful time in their life, or even a time when they know they must bring about change, for whatever reason, they want and need to hear the right words to get them from where they are now to where they want to be…

To get the job done.

And there’s more, by reflecting back…using their words and speaking their language, you can show that you have listened and you can craft words to overcome their hesitations to working with you.

Imagine how supported they would feel…reading phrases that run through their heads when their emotions are running around causing havoc.

5. Powerful and real

By now, you will have already realised how mad passionate I am about the VOC.

It’s no secret and neither do I want it to be because it can transform your copy and confidence.

Speaking the right words to the right people…

I almost left this post at 4 reasons but I wanted it to be 5…an odd number was calling me.

So, as well as the obvious benefit – i.e. words that will win you, clients, I decided to share why I love everything about VOC.

And I come back to connection.

Back in the 1940s, a set of common personality types (archetypes) was developed by the Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung.

I find all this sort of stuff fascinating and I am still learning and loving this as a powerful business tool.

Anyway, google but for now, the interesting thing is I am a cross between The Lover and The Girl Next Door.

Well, there’s a thing – wouldn’t you think they were miles apart?

So what does this mean?

I asked in a Facebook group I am in, hosted by Alex R – Jacek of Adored Designs and here’s what she said;

‘They aren’t so far apart.  Both long for connection.  The Girl Next Door wants to be part of the group and tribe and The Lover wants to be the most important one.

They can go well together though, because Girl Next Door may feel the need to be important from time to time and that’s when the Lover kicks in.’

And there we have it…why I am so drawn to this whole connection process.

And just before I go, sure, it’s important to find out about how your ideal client feels but what about you?

I’d love you to imagine the quietly confident feeling that you get…as your interview influenced words (sorry, that’s quite a mouthful, but there’s no other way to dress it up or down), inspire brand trust and loyalty.

For me, the whole copywriting process is inspired by using the voice of customer research to connect so effectively with your ideal client.

Use that power with integrity and an intention to serve and you have a driving force behind your website words.


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