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6 Simple Tips for Writing Effective Website Copy

It’s no secret when it comes to effective website copy any old words won’t work

The thing is, your website copy will either work for you or against you.

If it’s working against you, you’re not building brand trust, loyalty, and connections.

You’re not winning clients and you’re losing business.

So, if your copy hasn’t had some TLC since those words first filled Website White Space, you’re losing out on unlocking your website’s potential, the selling power.

What can you expect from effective website copy?

  • Beyond your visual impact, great copy creates an excellent first impression, keeping visitors on your site.
  • It connects emotionally, building brand trust and confidence. 
  • It allows you to stand out in the ocean of ‘same old, same old’ noise – your voice, tone, and words.
  • It provides a framework of expectations.
  • It answers questions your reader will have in their mind.
  • And last, but by no means least…your hard-working words generate new leads and business.

That’s a lot of heavy lifting and hard work for your website words.

So, no matter if you didn’t go into business to become a copywriter, you need words that consistently and successfully nudge customers in your direction.

Want to dig deeper into some tips to write more effective website copy?

Here goes.

1. Whom are you talking to?

You’ve heard it before; you’ll hear it again, again, and again.

The GOLDEN RULE – you’ve got to know whom you’re talking to.  

Honestly, I cannot stress the importance of this point – you need to know your customer.

What are they thinking, feeling, seeing and doing?

When you know this, it will help you to write words that capture their attention and keep them interested in reading on. 

Research your audience, discover their pain points and offer them a solution in copy written specifically for them.

2. Substance over style.

Focus on what you want to say, and then figure out how you will say it. 

This means sitting down and coming up with a clear, well-thought-out outline that will guide you once you start writing. 

That way, you can better organise your information and thoughts to come up with valuable, engaging copy.

3. Start with the most important information.

When writing copy, it’s essential to organise your information from the most to the least relevant. If you load your first couple of paragraphs with the information the readers came looking for, you have a much better chance of hooking them.

4. Make sure your content is scannable.

Do you read every line, every page on a website?

I don’t.

My eye jumps to a headline or a chunk of text with words that interest me.

Fact is, people, scan through web copy.

So make sure yours is to the point, in short paragraphs and easy to digest. 

Organise your content under headings and subheadings, and don’t be afraid to use bullet points. 

5. Throw your essay writing skills right out of the window

Way back in Primary and High School, our teachers were ‘precise’ about how we should write.

And I remain forever grateful for such a fantastic grounding in my writing skills when it comes to spelling and punctuation.  

But these days, we write like we speak (next point), so don’t be afraid to let go a little in favour of flow and rhythm. 

You can start a sentence with ‘and’ or ‘but’, or end it with a preposition. 

Writing copy is not like writing an essay, so shift your fears and focus on crafting engaging and natural content rather than being a grammar perfectionist.

6. Write as you speak.

This is the one that I sometimes feel a little…hm about.

I don’t speak in any way like I see some people writing online.

I don’t use words like gonna, or swear, or use initials as an attempt to not swear (what is all this ***AF??).

And I don’t always use contractions ‘you’ll’ or ‘you’re’ cos (ha), I don’t. 

So, I continue to do as I am suggesting to you…write as you speak.

When people read web copy, they want to feel that you are speaking directly to them in the same language. 

So, please keep it simple and engage with your personality.

And finally…

Your shiny website and any other business stuff mean very little if you can’t find the right words to connect with your customers and show them how you can help them reach their goals.

Out of date, poorly written copy can be as damaging for your business as a bad review or an irate client.

Use my tips, and crack on to write any and every page on your website with more confidence.

And, if you are feeling all a bit over your head, I’m only a simple message or phone call away.


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