Wellbeing Coach or Creative Business Owner?

Is your business ready to Emerge or Evolve?

Whatever stage your business is at, I am here to support you on your journey to success with irresistible, personality-packed copy to win you clients.

Irresistible website copy starts here

Hello, I’m Tracey,

I’m here for you as your Creative Collaborator and Cheerleader to create website copy that wins you clients.

For your business to succeed, you want words that sound like you, reassure your ideal client that they are in the right place when they land on your website and connect, so that you build trust and loyalty.

I’m not just another Copywriter; I’m also a trained Hypnotherapist and Life Coach.

This means I understand the value of your business to the world and the impact you make on changing lives – Coach or Creative.

I am here to reassure you, You are in the right place to …

Discover a powerful online voice and connect consistently with copy that comes alive with your personality and passion.

My Done For You and Done With You Copywriting Services are designed to captivate your audience (and you), and rocket engagement and sales.

All this support and writing comes from an olive covered mountainside in Andalucia, where I live with my fabulous hubby (of more years than I care to count) and pretty Podenco rescue dog called Princess Lola.

How I work with you

Working with a copywriter is an investment for your business.

So, the first thing we do is chat over Zoom to get to know one another.

There are no silly questions.

We want to make sure that working together is an excellent fit for you and me.

I won’t take on work that’s not in my zone.  That’s not my style as my intention is to give you my best.

If I feel you would benefit from a trusted colleague I will happily make that suggestion.

After that, as a general guide:


STEP ONE: Let's dig into the detail

We have a Zoom call where we drill down into the detail of your requirements.

I will send you confirmation of the project, along with my T’s and Cs and payment details.


STEP TWO: Sign the project proposal

I will send you an invoice ( 30% for jobs over £500/€500).

Once I receive payment, I will schedule the work and book your copywriting brief session.


STEP THREE: Copywriting brief session

I send you a brand strategy questionnaire and ask you to fill in a copywriting brief.

We go in-depth on your business and you in a follow-up Zoom call.


STEP FOUR: Research and first draft

I go away and research and write, checking in with you to make sure we are on the same page.

You receive the first draft for your feedback.

Whichever copywriting experience you choose, I want you to be 100% happy with the final result, so I always appreciate your honest feedback.

I offer two rounds of revisions before signing off for the final copy.


STEP FIVE: Final version and sign off

You sign off the final version.

Once payment has been made the copy is yours to get your business online.

I am always happy to liaise with your web designer as part of my service to you so you get a website that you have confidence in and are proud of.

Behind the Pink Brand

Life hasn’t always been spent on a mountain in Southern Spain.

Once upon a time, or in the beginning as any good story goes…Let me whisk you back to the days of pre-internet, curly perms and leg warmers…

I worked on and delivered marketing campaigns across America, Canada and Europe.  Researching, writing brochure copy, liaising with designers and printers (no websites in those days), event organisation and promotions.

Fast forward job moves, house moves and country moves to my beloved Scotland – it will always be my spiritual home.

Then a very nasty slip on the ice and the sneakiest employer, “letting me go” whilst I was still in my wheelchair, saw me starting my own business in project management.

How did I ever develop a crazy love for writing funding bids to the Scottish Government and other powers with pennies in the pot?

As one door closes, another one opens

I’m a firm believer in that!

After 4 incredibly successful and hectic years ‘finding funding’ I found myself sliding down a wall with the dreaded burnout.

When I scrambled back up again, I decided to make changes to my life and train in Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

But..research, copywriting and promotion will always be my first love and

The Pink Copywriting Agency was born allowing me to give you the best of all my worlds and years of experience.

Quick Quirks


I love the colour pink

Gentle and intuitive.

Approachable and nurturing.

Strong, as pink ‘gives power towards love and self-love.’

Learning to embrace self-love is a journey for many of us.


Drink of choice

Builders tea in an Emma Bridgwater mug.

I have a specific mug for a specific time of the day.

Or a glass of chilled Cava when the sun goes down over the mountains.


My happy place

With my head in a book…hot tea and Maltesers

My Dad taught me to read before I started School.

I’m proud of that.

And I’ve never stopped reading.


Scotland to Spain

It was a massive move after nearly 20 years in Scotland.

But the weather!

Now, I live in Andalusia on a mountainside.

It’s like Scotland in the Sunshine.


Fave food

Does Christmas Cake count as food?

I LOVE it.

Sadly, I don’t make one as I would eat the lot.

I have to beg pieces from lovely friends and neighbours.

Step inside the Pink Copywriting Agency

This is you can expect from your personalised customer service experience.

Confidence: I make sure that the copy we create together inspires you with self-confidence to communicate with passion.

Clarity: Strong business foundations require clarity.  Understand the power of the right messages to the right audience.

Connection: I don’t deliver the words and leave you to it.  We are a team.  Whatever stage in your business, II am there for you.  Liaising with a graphic designer?  Web designer?  I am your Creative Collaborator.

Simplicity:  Life is too short for our time together to be anything other than simple:  I believe in trust, communication, honesty and respect.

Belonging: As my client, you are more than a client.  You are valued and appreciated.  Working together is not just a job to be ticked off a list.

What else can you expect?

 Commitment and Connection (I make no apologies for using the word ‘connection’ a lot) to make your business journey focused and fun.

Website copywriting tips to help you go it alone.

Words to inspire and motivate – we all need them.

Snippets of my Spanish Lifestyle – how I have emerged and evolved in my adopted home country in the sunshine.


Great results!

Tracey has a way with words, that just gets the message out there in a way that makes the audience want to read it, that’s what you need.

Not only are the words right, but she also helps you to create your business “BRAND”.

I highly recommend Tracey to any business of any type. She will get it RIGHT for you.

The Pink Paper

Want Quick and easy tips to improve your writing skills and make your website copy irresistible?

Maybe the odd more mature woman hint or observation on life?

Get your copy of the Monthly Pink Paper – A 5 minute read or less, over a coffee or a glass of chilled Cava.