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I’m here to ensure you get website copy that captivate you and your audience whilst rocketing engagement and sales.

Any Old Words Won’t Do

You will hear me say this time and again.

Think of your website as your digital employee…there to work hard for you 24/7.

To get results from him or her, you have to furnish them with the best possible tools of the trade…

No surprise…irresistible website copy that creates an emotional connection

with your audience as you build trust and nurture relationships.

Words that turn your passion into profit


And find out much more about your Make It Happen Ultimate Pink Copy Option.

Here’s how I make it happen

We go on a Treasure Hunt and dig deep into your Brand Strategy to ensure you have absolute clarity and confidence as you get ready to take your ideal client from struggle to success.

Your clients are at the centre of your business, so I conduct extensive customer research to find the right message to share.

Don’t worry if you haven’t had any or many clients; I use a process called review mining to get the words you need to win clients.

Once I unravel all the epic details, I turn them into irresistible website words that sparkle with your personality and captivate you and your audience, leaving you confident to share your message with words that sound exactly like you.

The end result?

A website/digital employee that works tirelessly 24/7 to skyrocket engagement and sales.

From start to finish, I am by your side and by the side of your web designer, too, if that is what you choose (I recommend it).



Great results!

Tracey did a video review of my About Page…

Which needed some copywriting work to make it more appealing to potential clients. 

Tracey’s review was excellent; I was able to implement her recommendations and have noticed that my page gets more attention now. 

Working with Tracey is fun and it’s clear she’s passionate about what she does.  I thoroughly recommend Tracey for any copywriting or content review needs.

5 Steps to irresistible website copy



I send you a brand strategy questionnaire and a copywriting brief. We get together over Zoom for an intensive discussion when you have completed this first step.



Behind the scenes, research begins.

This includes customer interviews, surveys and testimonials/social media/review mining.

Compilation of messaging element, customer mindset analysis and priority key messages in separate documents for your future use.



We chat to go over all the detailed research and make sure that you are happy before moving on to getting the first written draft.



I write the first draft, checking in with you for any more information that may be required.  I include up to 2 rounds of revisions in the price to ensure you are happy with your website words.



Once you approve copy and sign it off, it is yours to send to your website developer.  If you would like me to, I will liaise with your web developer to ensure that copy and design work seamlessly together to give you a website that fills you with confidence.

This is for you if…


You want to launch your business with personality-packed copy, driven by intensive customer research to build a compelling brand that delivers powerful results.


Your business has changed, and your existing website copy, services and packages are bland and outdated.


Your website is not putting in the hard work, not attracting clients and not making sales.


You rushed all this the first time around, and it’s time to take stock, get clear on the direction of your brand, ideal clients and services

The Ultimate Pink Copywriting Experience is not for you if…


You are looking for a quick turnaround on your copy after a 30-minute phone conversation.


You are unable to see the value in customer research.

Here’s what you get

  • A brand strategy questionnaire.
  • A detailed copywriting brief questionnaire.
  • A 60 minute Zoom call to discuss the strategy and brief.
  • Voice of Customer Research report:  Compilation of customer quotes and categorised message elements; Customer mindset analysis;  Development of priority key messages.
  • Development of your value proposition lets your ideal customer know they have landed in the right place and will find what they need.
  • Basic SEO. Keyword optimisation and reporting can be offered at an additional cost.
  • Your copy is presented in a copy deck format.
  • 2 rounds of revisions.
  • Liaising with your website designer to ensure that the copy and design work seamlessly together.


        Optional Extras

        • Professional proofreading – the price depends on the size of the project.
        • Liaising with your website designer to ensure that the copy and design work seamlessly together.

            Your Investment For Copy To Win Clients

            Your investment starts from £1600

            Payment options are available with a 30% deposit paid to secure the job.